Don Scott ’91 became Puget Sound’s director of Alumni & Parent Relations in September, bringing him back to the campus where he spent his college years. After 27 years away, Scott is excited to return to Puget Sound and help Loggers stay connected with each other and their alma mater. We caught up with the Class of 1991 grad to ask about his memories of campus, why he decided to come back, and how his team works to keep alumni excited and engaged.

Q: What brought you to Puget Sound as a student?

A: It's kind of a crazy story. I came here sight unseen. The fall of my senior year, an admission counselor from the university visited my high school in Great Falls, Montana. I absolutely fell in love with everything that she had to say. Puget Sound was a stretch school for me, but it all came together. It was a truly transformational experience for me as an individual because it gave me the opportunity to experience life away from home and exposed me to people from all sorts of different places and backgrounds. I was an accounting major, but experienced so much more than just courses in business. For example, I took a music appreciation class with Geoffrey Block that I still think about today. That’s the incredible thing about a liberal arts education. I don't think I would have had the same kind of immersive experience from many other schools I could have attended.