The Race & Pedagogy Institute presented a series of online discussions for the Puget Sound community and our neighbors, allowing for courageous conversations about race, supported by the expertise and guidance of Race & Pedagogy Institute leaders.


This series was proposed by RPI leadership team member, LaToya Brackett, as a concrete suggestion to provide the community with spaces to engage with a most important issue: Race in America. This undertaking was also carried out with the support of Adrianna Flores, MLIS, Archivist and Special Collections Librarian and Sam Kigar, PhD, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies.


To answer the call of "What's next?"

The Race Matters: Continuing the Conversation series grew out of the RPI-guided, and campus collaborated, teach-in on June 3, 2020: "We Can't Breathe: 400 Years of Institutionalized Violence." More than 500 members of our community participated virtually in the teach-in, many of whom asked "What's next?"


The community joined us at 6pm on Wednesdays from June - August 2020 for one-hour sessions led by various faculty and staff members from across campus, supported by the RPI leadership, utilizing interdisciplinary approaches to discussing race.