There are three template agreements for guest presenters, artists, musicians, performers, speakers, and American Sign Language interpreters (“Guests”). Use the guidance below to choose a form of agreement appropriate for your arrangement.

  1. For all arrangements, to use one of the template agreements below (or the Guest’s form of agreement) and to pay your Guest through accounts payable, your Guest may not be a current Puget Sound student or a current, recent, or pending faculty or staff member and preferably should have other clients or employment. If the Guest is a Puget Sound student or a current, recent, or pending faculty or staff member, s/he will likely need to be paid through payroll. Before making any commitment, consult with Career and Employment Services for students or Human Resources for everyone else.
  2. You are welcome to use the “Letter for Guest Presenters/Artists in Academic Settings” template agreement if #1 above and all of the following are true:
  3. Use the “Simple” Speaker/Performer Agreement if #1 above and both of the following are true:
  4. Use the Speaker/Performer Agreement if #1 is true and one of the following is true: Note: The speaker/performer template agreement can be modified to create a “main agreement” with multiple “statements of work” (one for each event or performance). This may streamline the process and save time if a performer will provide services frequently. Contact for more information.
  5. “Higher risk” events, activities, presentations, or performances include those with increased risk of:
    • accidents or physical injury;
    • damage to or loss of Guest or university property;
    • ownership or use legal risks associated with making and using recordings of presentations and performances;
    • legal action by third parties (e.g. person or subject matter is controversial or material infringes on ownership rights of others);
    • reputational, legal, or financial risks if the event does not occur or something goes wrong with or at the event.
  6. If a recording of the presentation will be made for the Puget Sound archives or other university or third-party use, a Recording Agreement is also needed.

    Please follow the guidance above to select the template agreement that is appropriate for your guest presenter/artist/musician/performer/speaker arrangement, including American Sign Language interpretation services.


Staff and faculty please direct questions to or contact the Office of University Counsel at extension 2735. Students please contact the ASUPS Office Manager at