Dear Members of the Campus Community,

Tomorrow our nation celebrates Veterans Day and the innumerable, notable and selfless contributions of America’s veterans.

The Puget Sound community has been fortunate over the past century to have many veterans among us—students, faculty, staff members, alumni, trustees, and parents. They bring to us a strong commitment to civic duty and a wide range of experiences and perspectives that strengthen our community and help inform our understanding of patriotism, public policy, international affairs, national security, and what it means to literally put one’s life on the line in service to others.

My parents were veterans, and I know how much their experience influenced my upbringing and beliefs about the importance of service. Each veteran’s story is unique, and on this day we recognize their bravery and sacrifice in defending our country and its ideals.

Faculty, staff and students who have served in our nation’s military are invited to join a virtual gathering on Wednesday, Nov. 11, 6 p.m. hosted by the Office of Intercultural Engagement. Veterans, we’d also like to learn more about you in order to help create a community for you here at Puget Sound and recognize you for your service. A survey is available for those who would like to participate.

The celebration of Veterans Day—founded as “Armistice Day” in 1919 in the wake of WWI—has changed over the years, but our appreciation of our veterans has not. Please take time tomorrow to express your gratitude to those who have served our country in such a deeply personal and meaningful way.


Isiaah Crawford, Ph.D. | President