Dear Members of the Campus Community,

Our country is on the eve of another historic moment that will set in motion a new course for our future. Our thoughts are with all who are involved in ensuring a peaceful transfer of power as we watch our nation’s capital—and capitals around the country—work to safeguard our democracy, our elected officials, and all those who are literally putting their lives on the line in service to others.

Tomorrow we hope to turn the tide away from the divisiveness, violence, distrust and disrespect that have dominated this election season and move forward as one nation to get the pandemic under control; advance racial, social and environmental justice; strengthen our economy; improve access to healthcare; and create policies that support our students, teachers, and educational institutions.

In order to do this important work, we must begin to heal from the trauma of the past year. Each of us will do this in our own way, but even in this time of quarantine and isolation we need not do it alone. 

Our classrooms and campus spaces—even via Zoom--are powerful places to engage historical understanding, contemporary issues, and future possibilities. I encourage us all to participate in and reflect on the impact of tomorrow’s inauguration as we consider our own response to the times in which we live, and our own agency in using our voices to advocate for that which we hold dear.

With great hope,

Isiaah Crawford, Ph.D. | President