The following are the five programs approved by the Hispanics Studies Department for its minors and majors. No Spanish credit can be earned from studies conducted in programs other than the five listed below. Our three options in Latin America and the two other sites in Spain have been selected to match our curricular strengths, established student interest, new demand for summer offerings, and our overriding obsession with quality programs. The latter is apparent in the prevalence of Puget Sound faculty-led programs such as Madrid Summers and programs in which we are involved as partners with other regional institutions such as PLU, Willamette University, Gonzaga, etc.


a) Oaxaca, Mexico – Consortial program with PLU – Fall term • Located in southern México in one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse regions of the country, the Oaxaca program provides you the opportunity to work with the community, learn about the huge cultural diversity of the Mexican nation, engage in an academically challenging course of studies, and improve your Spanish beyond your expectations.

Contact person: Professor Pepa Lago

Oaxaca, Mexico

b) CIEE, Valparaíso, Chile – Reputable third party provider program – Fall and spring terms • The seaside town of Valparaíso in Chile is an edgy, culturally thriving, and exciting city. Unusual in its challenging and breathtaking layout it is home to a large population of students and artists. Being able to take classes with Chilean students makes this program particularly demanding and solid.

Contact persons: Professors Brendan Lanctot and Pepa Lago


c) IFSA/BUTLER, Buenos Aires, Argentina – Reputable third party provider program – Fall and spring terms • Located in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina and the bustling center of a metropolitan region with nearly 15 million inhabitants, our program in Argentina offers one of a kind opportunities in a city that is home to more theaters than New York City, boasts a storied literary tradition, showcases one of the world’s great opera houses, and is the birthplace of tango. Buenos Aires is an ideal location for students interested in immersing themselves in an urban environment. Students take the bulk of their classes at local universities and have the option of enrolling at four different institutions, public and private.

Contact person: Professor Brendan Lanctot

Buenos Aires, Argentina

d) ILACA, Granada – Consortial program with PLU, Gonzaga, SU, UP, and Willamette – Fall and spring terms • Our oldest Spanish immersion program is located in Granada, Spain. The city that was the jewel of the last Muslim kingdom in Europe, Granada is both a thriving college town with over 80,000 students as well as a tourist magnet drawing throngs of visitors to the Alhambra, the Royal Chapel, Sierra Nevada Ski Station, the Alpujarras mountain communities, etc. The Granada program will offer you the opportunity to prepare yourself for the DELE, the golden standard of Spanish proficiency tests. It will also allow the opportunity to learn about Islamic Culture, Spanish history since Franco’s dictatorship, Flamenco, and urban culture.

Contact person: Professor Nagore Sedano Naveira

Granada, Spain

e) Madrid Summers – A Puget Sound faculty-led program – Summer • Our single summer option in Hispanic Studies is also our only Puget Sound exclusive faculty-led program. Its motto “One Awesome Program: Four Amazing Options” underlines the fact that Madrid Summers caters to several different kinds of students all of which come together as the Puget Sound contingent in Madrid for a summer’s worth of hard work, exciting cultural opportunities, challenging internships, intercultural development, and marvelous social life. Students interested in pursuing a rigorous international internship in fields such as business, humanities, and the sciences will find that the two different but complementary internship-based programs in Madrid Summers offer fascinating experiential learning opportunities to students across all disciplines. Other students seeking to deepen their knowledge of Spanish culture, literature, art, politics, etc. will be drawn to the Madrid Summers Hispanic Studies Summer program. Finally, if satisfying the Foreign Language Graduation Requirement abroad is what they need then Madrid Summers is a student's best bet. Our academic partner, Universidad Antonio de Nebrija, is a private, secular institution that prides itself in the quality of its instruction and its ability to provide personalized attention to its students. With agreements with Spain’s CSIC and Madrid Network, our internships provider, OléSay, can furnish Puget Sound students a high-quality internship experience in some of the choicest sites both public and private. Please note that the four Madrid Summers options have different requirements from zero Spanish for the Science Research Internships to five semesters of college Spanish (Span 203 or above) for the Business and Humanities Internships. 

Contact the International Programs Office for additional information.