The University of Puget Sound Pre-Health Club strives to support members in reaching their utmost potential in their pre-health experience by engaging in a community of other pre-health students who can provide support, advice, and ask questions freely. 

The University of Puget Sound AMWA (American Medical Women's Association) Branch hopes to, as the next generation of female physicians, positively impact both local and wider communities while supporting each other’s endeavors in the fields of health and medicine.

Pre-Health Club

The club uplifts passion and confidence in students to achieve their pre-health goals, as well as bring forth more opportunities and resources for club members to discover their interests. Pre-Health Club is open to all health professions! All students are accepted, regardless of where they may be in their pre-health journey—whether you are simply exploring, or are actively applying to a professional health program. The Pre-Health Club meets regularly during the academic year. 

For further questions about Pre-Health Club, contact:

2024-2025 Pre-Health Club Leadership Team
  • Co-Presidents: Madison Hening & Marisa Wiese 
  • Past-President: Shreeya Moharir 
  • Vice President of External Affairs: VACANT
  • Vice President of Internal Affairs: Grace Novack 
  • Director of Finances: Quinn Fafard
  • Director of Event Coordination: VACANT
  • Director of Administration: VACANT
  • Director of Media Management: VACANT
  • Director of Occupational/Physical Therapy Engagement: Emmett Foster 
  • Director of First-Year Engagement: VACANT (to be filled in fall 2024)

AMWA (American Medical Women's Association) Branch

Joining the Puget Sound AMWA (American Medical Women's Association) Branch has many benefits-including mentoring and leadership opportunities, discounts on MCAT prep, and an annual conference.  The Puget Sound AMWA Branch meets on Tuesdays @ 6pm during the academic year. 

For further questions about the Puget Sound AMWA Branch, contact:

2023-2024 AMWA Branch Leadership Team
  • President: Cecilia Turetzky
  • Vice President: Hailey Young
  • Treasurer: Haley Keopuhiwa
  • Secretary: Alana Lim
  • Social Media Coordinator: Chidera Nicole Alozie