Earn academic credit for internships outside of the Tacoma community.

Course Description
The central objective of this is course is to provide students with an academic framework that informs, supports and expands their internship learning experience. There is a strong tradition that field experience – in the broadest sense of the word – can be an important part of a college education. In very specific ways, internships represent a form of field experience (sometimes also referred to as experiential learning). From a student perspective the primary aim of an internship should be an educational one, which is to inform and enrich the learning experience; it is not – as is often commonly perceived – to gain work experience, to facilitate entry into the workforce, or as an alternative to coursework. However, beyond stimulating academic inquiry and enriching the college learning experience, such an experiential-based undertaking fosters, among other things, civic engagement, personal growth and leadership skills – all keys components of a liberal arts education.

Internship Requirements
The internship experience for each student will necessarily be distinct and unique. As such, an important component of this course requires that each student develop at least three specific learning objectives beyond those defined in the syllabus. These learning objectives will be established in the learning agreement that is cooperatively created by the student and employer. All internship learning agreements will be reviewed and require instructor approval. Students must work for a minimum of 20 hours per week over the course of 10 weeks. The internship must be 20 miles or more away from campus.