Chris Kendall

Chris Kendall

Associate Professor and Chair, Politics and Government

Chris Kendall is Associate Professor of Politics and Government, specializing in International Relations. He earned his law degree from UC Berkeley (Boalt Hall) and practiced law in New York before completing his PhD in politics at Princeton University. His teaching is informed by research interests at the intersection of international relations, comparative politics, and judicial processes. Professor Kendall is particularly interested in how international law is adopted, resisted, and transformed by developing states. His current research examines how judicial politics in Latin America and Africa shape and constrain the enforcement of international human rights commitments at the local and regional levels.

In the fall 2022 semester, Professor Kendall will teach two courses:

  • PG 332 International Organizations examines global bodies (the UN, IMF, WTO) and regional organizations (NATO, EU, ASEAN, African Union) to understand how states—powerful and weak, rich and poor—use these organizations to pursue their individual and collective interests. Traditional classroom work is enhanced by simulations that put students in the role of high-level international actors, allowing them to experience the competing incentives political actors face when solving regional and global issues, from trade to defense to global climate change. (There are no prerequisites for this course.)
  • PG 333 International Law interrogates the tantalizing promise that law can transcend traditional power politics. Why do states allow themselves to be bound by international law? Does the law actually constrain states or other actors? Students read international law cases and craft legal arguments to gain an understanding of how lawyers—and politicians—really think about the law. (PG 103 is a prerequisite, but it may be waived depending on other course work. Please contact the professor.)

If students have questions about course work or have trouble registering, they should feel free to contact Professor Kendall by email.

BA Miami University 1994
JD University of California, Berkeley 2001
Ph.D Princeton University 2014
International Organizations PG 332-A 2228
Int'l Law in Political Context PG 333-A 2228

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