You can quit and live a tobacco-free life!

  • Investigate the quitting options (cold turkey, cutting back/tapering, use of nicotine replacement therapy, use of Zyban, use of support programs).

Set a quit date and create an action plan.

  • Consider your support systems and how you will utilize them.
  • Begin to separate your tobacco use from daily rituals (i.e. use tobacco mindfully and independent of other activities).
  • Plan alternative activities to help manage cravings and to substitute for the tobacco use ritual.
  • Set up ways to reward yourself for quitting (ex: the money saved on tobacco products could be used towards a favorite hobby/activity).

Support is available!

  • Talk to a CHWS health provider or counselor.
  • Call the Tacoma-Pierce County Quit Line at 253.798.4743 or 1.800.QUIT.NOW, or visit for a Self-help Quit Kit.

Become politically active.

  • The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared May 31 as "World No-Tobacco Day."
  • Learn about the business practices of the tobacco industry.