The Know Your Numbers campaign at the University of Puget sound employs social norming to help shape accurate perceptions of alcohol use on campus. In essence, this means that relevant statistics are shared with the campus community regarding the prevalence of alcohol consumption.

It is common for college students to overestimate how their peers drink and underestimate the number of their peers who choose to abstain altogether or drink in moderation. We use a poster campaign on campus to share this information each year with the most recent data from the Core survey administered in 2013. This survey was completed by 833 students and explores the prevalence of substance use and attitudes, perceptions, and opinions about alcohol and other drugs.

It’s important to remember that most Puget Sound students make healthy choices regarding the consumption of alcohol and have a high degree of concern for their peers’ well-being!

  • Most Loggers would have 4 or fewer drinks* if they chose to drink at all
  • Most Loggers choose not to engage in binge drinking, which is defined as either 4 or 5 drinks in one sitting
  • Most Loggers (88%) choose not to drive under the influence
  • Most Loggers (74%) have refused an offer of alcohol or drugs
  • Most Loggers (81%) agree that they have a responsibility to contribute to the well-being of other students
  • And almost every single Logger (99%) would support another student’s decision to call for medical assistance if they were worried about a peer having alcohol poisoning

*One drink = One 12 oz. Beer, 4-5 oz. Wine, 1.5 oz. Hard Liquor

These numbers are based on the results of the 2013 CORE survey completed by 833 students at Puget Sound.