Enjoy living comfortably, able to take care of self or secure assistance

  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Economics
  • Acceptance of diversity, how to foster (i.e., age, race, faith traditions)

How to share stories about what has worked for us in this category

Mind, body, spiritual connection, and awareness

Death with dignity

How to learn what resources are available and who to ask

  • A central source of information (i.e., Aging and Disabled Resource Center)
  • Getting the word out to more in the community
  • 211 referral line, ADRC – 253.798.4600 or 800.562.0335

Finding alternative living situations for elders

  • After the loss of a spouse, shared housing options, less $ than facilities.

How to catch people at an early point after a change of circumstances

  • Programs
  • Access to services
  • Caregivers/volunteers
  • Advocacy and support systems

How those in and retired from the military can interface with and learn about community resources

Sharing space with youth programs.

We need a communal way to support each other and avoid feeling isolated as caregivers.

How to encourage asking for help, both for caregivers and elders (whose independence makes them reluctant to ask)

  • “How are you?” is often at a superficial level.
  • How to reach out more and shift our willingness to accept help
  • Overcome resistance to change
  • Learn to be kind and welcoming to each other

Non-assertive elders have difficulty joining groups and cliques, even in senior living communities, which can be depressing.

Intergenerational living is what we are accustomed to during our lives, how to perpetuate with age-specific activities.

Many will join activities with others but won’t initiate them.

  • Not one answer for all
  • Have set behavior patterns and ways of socializing

Emerging identity issues

  • Adjusting to retirement
  • Mental health issues

Rename senior centers to a more inviting name, i.e., community center, green center

Senior resources brochure available, how to get greater distribution

Bartering services can help with limited financial resources.

Senior centers, as a place of learning, need a life (activities are often geared for the ill and infirm)

Free activities and gathering places to mingle, for ALL ages

Education opportunities that are tuition-free (colleges?)

Build senior/planned communities near colleges and services, tour such places for ideas

How to set boundaries for a shared living so more would be willing to pool resources instead of each person struggling to make it on their own

Independent studio apartments within a shared facility with common areas

Request park district to do more geared to the elderly (wider walkways for wheelchairs, better lighting)

Contact legislators with requests for prioritizing funding – there is a senior lobby.

The disparity of economic resources a huge aspect to include

Transportation issues