The Executive Branch of ASUPS provides the oversight and management of the organization as a whole. It is comprised of the President, Vice President, and their executive team members: the Director of Business Services, Director of Marketing and Outreach, Director of Technology Services, and Director of Student Interests. Each of the Executive officers work in collaboration with departments on campus to assist students, clubs, and organizations while remaining accessible and open to all viewpoints and ideas.

The Executive Team

The President acts as the representative of the student body in Board of Trustees meetings, a non-voting member of the ASUPS Senate, and a voting member of the Faculty Senate- while providing general oversight of ASUPS.

The Vice President acts as the internal operations manager of the organization as the overseer of Media Board and ASUPS Clubs. The Vice President also serves as a voting member of the ASUPS Senate and is responsible for running the Fall and Spring elections, Spring budget process, and chairs the Budget and Finance committee.

The Director of Business Services manages the ASUPS budget of over half a million dollars and serves as the contact person to club treasurers for financial assistance and inquiries.

The Director of Marketing and Outreach serves as the overseer of ASUPS Programmers and promoter and marketer of ASUPS events through social media and poster designing. The DMO also providing assistance to clubs to advertise their events and meetings.

The Director of Technology Services provides technical assistance to the organization through the management of the ASUPS website and various technology needs throughout ASUPS.

The Director of Student Interests helps coordinate student activism, solve student concerns, and translate student energy into changes in campus policy. The DSI also can act as a liaison between students and the administration on any issue.