Senator Terms and Committee Assignments 2020-2021

Staff Senators are staff members nominated and elected by staff peers to hold either Area Senator (three-year terms) or At-Large Senator (one-year term) positions. The Staff Senate conducts activities on behalf of University of Puget Sound staff members, works to enhance the campus environment, and recognizes staff as an integral part of the university.

North Campus Area Senators
West Campus Area Senators
South Campus Area Senators
East Campus Area Senators
At-Large Senators

NORTH CAMPUS AREA SENATORS: Represents staff from departments in Howarth, Jones, and McIntyre buildings.

Krista Johnson 2019-2022 Public Relations (Chair)
Erin Ruff 2018-2021 Special Events
Kelli Delaney 2018-2021 Elections & Governance
Landon Wade 2019-2022 Executive (Secretary)
Matthew Dammes 2018-2021 Public Relations 

WEST CAMPUS AREA SENATORS: Represents staff from departments in Collins, Harned, Music, Thompson, and Wyatt buildings.

Heather Bailey  2017-2021*  Executive (Treasurer)
Jessica Hartenstine 2017-2020 Compensation
(Vacant) 2019-2022 Public Relations

SOUTH CAMPUS AREA SENATORS: Represents staff from departments in CICE Houses, Communications House, Facilities, Memorial Fieldhouse & Aquatics Center, and Weyerhaeuser buildings.

Aubrey Shelton 2019-2022 Public Relations
Greg Pfeiffer 2017-2020

Special Events

Jenee James 2018-2021 Special Events
Sabrina Shepherd 2019-2022 Human Resources Policies & Practices (Chair)
Sage Haynes 2019-2022 Elections & Governance

EAST CAMPUS AREA SENATORS: Represents staff from departments in Kittredge, Print & Copy Services, Student Affairs houses, Welcome Center, and Wheelock Student Center buildings.

Deborah Hope 2019-2022 Human Resources Policies & Practices
Derek Beuning 2017-2020 Elections & Governance (Co-Chair)
Mary Powell 2019-2022 Special Events
Moe Stephens 2017-2020 Elections & Governance
Sarah Johnson 2017-2021* Executive (Vice-Chair)


(Vacant) 2019-2020 Special Events
Carol Odland 2019-2020 Compensation (Chair)
Emily Holloway 2019-2022* Executive (Chair)
(Vacant) 2019-2020 Compensation
(Vacant) 2019-2020 Human Resources Policies & Practices
Jake Nelko 2019-2020 Compensation
Jamie Spaine 2019-2020 Special Events
(Vacant) 2019-2020 Staff Recognition
Lee Ann Packard 2019-2020 Compensation
(Vacant) 2019-2020 Public Relations
(Vacant) 2019-2020 Human Resources Policies & Practices
(Vacant) 2019-2020 Elections & Governance
(Vacant) 2019-2020 Human Resources Policies & Practices
Theresa Giddens 2019-2020 Special Events
(Vacant) 2019-2020 Special Events
(Vacant) 2019-2020 Elections & Governance
Francisco Perez 2019-2020 Human Resources Policies & Practices

* Senators' terms extended due to election to Executive Committee positions, per bylaws.

The Staff Senate approved all terms set to expire May 2020 to continue until elections in Spring 2021.

Last updated: January 15, 2021