Campus Parking, Traffic, and Transportation Information


All persons enrolled at or employed by University of Puget Sound who wish to park motorized vehicles in university parking facilities must register their vehicle/s with Security Services. Vehicle registration decals can be picked up at the Security office Monday - Friday 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

The use of motor vehicles on the University of Puget Sound campus is a privilege and not a right. This privilege is extended to those who operate vehicles in a safe and responsible manner and it requires strict adherence to state and local laws, as well as university regulations. All members of the campus community are expected to comply with the parking and traffic regulations. Understanding of, and compliance with, regulations will eliminate unnecessary expense and inconvenience.

Parking on campus is limited and not guaranteed. Security Services is responsible for administration and enforcement of campus parking and traffic regulations. Security Services is located at 3206 N. 15th St., 253.879.3311.

Parking Regulations Brochure

Campus Parking Map


Vehicle and University Parking Decal Registration

First-year students CANNOT register until the first day of orientation when the student arrives on campus. No exceptions will be made due to university system requirements and processes. 

  • Log in to your myPugetSound account (
  • On the left side of the screen there is a menu, the third tab down is:
        For Faculty/Staff: Campus Operations
        For Students: Campus Resources
  • Under that tab is a link called ‘Vehicle Registration’
  • Follow that link and complete the process:
    • Sign-in with your PugetSound username and password
    • Read, provide your Cell phone number, and Accept
    • Request Permit and Select your type of permit:
    • Faculty/Staff
    • Commuter Students (If you live Off Campus)
    • Resident Student (if you live On Campus, Greek House, Campus Owned House)
      • Select continue
      • Enter Vehicle Information
                    Year, Make, Model, Body Type, Color, License Plate Number
      • Check the Request Permit Box
      • A Confirmation will appear – You DO NOT need to print this out
  • Come to the Security Services office with your LoggerCard (3206 N 15th St)
  • Security will issue you a physical permit to put on your car.
        Place decal on your rear window, bottom driver’s side corner
        Confirm proper parking lots permitted by your decal.




Please contact Security Services at 253.879.3311 if you have questions.


Alternative Transportation

For information regarding commutes to the university without the use of a personal vehicle, please see Loggers Commute for more information. This site includes various commuting options, such as: walking, commuter rail, carpools, biking, Zipcar, bus, and other options. 


Visitor Parking Citation Appeals


Parking Citations Appeals Process for Students/Faculty/Staff

  1. Go to your myPugetSound Account
  2. Log in to your myPugetSound account (
  3. On the left side of the screen there is a menu, the third tab down is:
    For Faculty/Staff: Campus Operations 
    For Students: Campus Resources
  4. Under that tab is a link called ‘Vehicle Registration’
  5. Follow that link and complete the process:
  6. Log-In using your Puget Sound account username and password
  7. Click the third link down on the screen ‘Outstanding Citations’
  8. Select the citation you wish to appeal and enter your comments as to why the citation should be waived.
  9. Click the Appeal citation button. You will then be taken to a confirmation page showing that your appeal has been successfully entered. Appeals are processed weekly on Fridays.
  10. Go to your Citation History to see the appeal decision which you will need to check back to read the appeal decision.

Citations must be appealed within three business days of receiving the citation.
Citations can also only be appealed one time and all decisions are final.

Please contact the Security office at 253.879.3311 if you have questions.