The Library, Media, and Information Systems Committee shall consist of the Dean of the University (ex-officio), the Director of the Library (ex-officio), the Chief Technology Officer (ex-officio), the Director of Educational Technology, no fewer than five appointed members of the Faculty, and one student.

The duties of the Committee shall be:

  • To develop general policies, procedures and plans in collaboration with the Library Director and the Chief Technology Officer.
  • To provide recommendations and advice to all parts of the University community on the role of the library, media and information systems in support of the academic program.
  • To review periodically the mission and objectives of the library and information systems and to recommend such changes as are needed.
  • To review periodically the collection development plan for the library to ensure that a balanced collection is maintained for effective support of the academic program.
  • Such other duties as may be assigned to it by the Faculty Senate.