The Charles Garnet Trimble Fund in Chinese Studies provides funds for the purpose of supporting faculty members whose professional development and credibility requires periodic residence, research, or curriculum development in Asia or Asia-related destinations.

Note: UEC grants cannot be charged to p-cards, but faculty who receive UEC grants will receive information in their grant award letter about the possibility of an advance.

Deadline: Application is due by February 1.



The Charles Garnet Trimble Fund in Chinese Studies provides funds for the purpose of supporting faculty members whose professional development requires periodic residence, research, or curriculum development in Asia. Contingent upon receiving such support each year, these funds are designed to enhance the proficiency and currency of faculty members in the society or societies of their curricular offerings or scholarly research. Activities covered by these funds may include travel to foreign areas, lodging and meals, tuition for advanced language study, research and other expenses associated with fieldwork and other relevant expenses. Travel to foreign areas should normally last a minimum of two weeks.


These funds are intended for use by tenure-line faculty members and ongoing instructors whose teaching programs include Asia in a substantive, if not primary, way. In keeping with the wishes of the donors, preference will be given to faculty in the Asian Studies Program and to those proposing projects that include study in China or study of Chinese culture and society. Up to two grants generally not to exceed $5,000 each will be available each year for tenure-line faculty and ongoing instructors. In years where the number of applicants exceeds the number of available awards, the University Enrichment Committee will consider the degree to which an applicant has been supported in the past with various sources of university funding. Please see policy statement and documentation required for university support of travel outside the United States.


Application for these funds should be made to the University Enrichment Committee via the Director of Asian Studies using the form linked below. The application should address:

  1. the teaching or research program to be sustained by the award;
  2. the activities planned for the award period;
  3. a detailed budget;
  4. the ways in which this award will enhance the applicant’s capacity to teach more
    effectively topics related to Asia in general, and where appropriate, China in particular;
  5. Foreign Travel Waiver documentation (linked below), and
  6. For research that involves the use of human participants or animals, please be aware that appropriate approval must be obtained before beginning research. Please consult IRB and/or IACUC approval processes information on the university’s website for details.


Application for Trimble Asia Professional Development Awards shall reach the Director of Asian Studies on or before February 1 (one deadline per academic year, for awards in summer or into the next academic year).


To receive reimbursement, the faculty member should complete the Reimbursement Request form, available at Faculty Professional Development Resources, within 10 days upon return.


A faculty member receiving an award shall submit a written report of the activities undertaken by August 31 of the year the award is granted. The report should be submitted to the Director of Asian Studies. The Director will forward the report to

Submit Application Here


Additional Forms:

If applicable, please complete these additional forms and upload them with your application.