Sydni Resnick '21


Sydni Resnick is an International Political Economy major and Global Development Studies and Business minor from Oakland, California.  At Puget Sound, Sydni was a Division III athlete for the University of Puget Sound swim team.  Sydni volunteered as a one-on-one swim coach for the Special Olympic Washington program in Tacoma, while participating in the Repertory Dance Group. Sydni has spent her summers as a Lifeguard, educating the public on water safety and aiding as a lifeguard instructor, for the East Bay Regional park District.  Sydni served as a monthly volunteer at the St. Vincent De Paul Community Center dining hall in West Oakland.  During the summer of 2020, Sydni volunteered twice a week bagging and delivering prepared meals to high-risk adults and seniors in Oakland for Great Plates Delivered Program (a partnership between FEMA, the State of California, and the City of Oakland). Sydni’s thesis, The CNN Effect and State Violence Against Muslim Ethnic Minorities, examines the cyclical relationship between the media, public perception, and actions from global leaders as they relate to human rights violations against ethnic minorities.  The thesis also examines how media attention on human rights periodically lead to global action.  ​