The University of Puget Sound values and celebrates a diverse educational community based on mutual respect, trust, and responsibility. The university believes its students, faculty members and all staff members should learn, teach, work, serve and lead in an environment free from harassment and sexual misconduct, which may include sexual harassment, gender-based discrimination, sexual violence such as rape (including attempted rape), stalking, verbal abuse, and more. This philosophy applies to all students wherever they may be studying. We are committed to upholding the rights granted by Title IX and to fully investigating and addressing Title IX violations. (For more information, see the Sexual Misconduct Resource Center)

The University of Puget Sound makes every effort to send students to study abroad programs that take sexual discrimination seriously, and is committed to upholding the rights granted by Title IX and to fully investigating and addressing Title IX violations.

Puget Sound students attending a study abroad program must follow both the conduct policies of the University of Puget Sound and of the study abroad program.


You are encouraged to take these steps immediately to ensure your safety:

1. Call one of the program emergency phone numbers and request that a program staff member accompany you to the hospital, clinic, or doctor for support such

  • treatment of injuries
  • testing for STD
  • other response options (such as learning about whether emergency contraception is available, and about the possibility of preserving evidence.)

2. If necessary, request to be moved from your current living quarters to safe housing.
3. If the alleged perpetrator was from your own program, request action from the program staff that will assure your safety.
4. After consultation with a program staff member, you may decide to contact the police.

Please note: program staff are typically mandatory reporters and will report the incident to Roy Robinson, Director of International Programs (1.253.879.3653) and Sandra Braedt, Deputy Title IX Coordinator (1.253.879.2825). A mandatory reporter is required to report an incident of sexual assault to the Title IX Coordinator or a Harassment Reporting Officer of the university; this does not directly result in a criminal charge for the perpetrator.

After your immediate concerns have been addressed, you may take the following steps while you are still abroad:

5. Seek assistance or counseling in the host country. Program staff will be able to provide contact information for a center for victims of sexual assault or counseling service.
6. You may contact the 24-hour Pathways to Safety by finding the Access Code for the country you are currently in, dialing the access code and then dial 833.SAFE.833 (833.723.3833). Visit for more information.
7. You may also contact any of the individuals at Puget Sound listed below to receive support.


Harassment Reporting Officers (Mandatory Reporters) at Puget Sound:

Roy Robinson, Director of International Programs (1.253.879.3653,

Sandra Braedt, Deputy Title IX Coordinator/Equal Opportunity Officer (1.253.879.2825,

Sarah Shives, Assistant Dean of Students (1.253.879.3360,

Grace Kirchner, Sexual Harassment Complaint Ombudsperson (1.253.879.3785,

Confidential Support:

Marta Cady, Associate Dean of Students and Director of New Student Orientation (Mobile:, Office: 1.253.879.3317,

Dave Wright, University Chaplain (253.879.3818 or 253.879.3322,

Counseling, Health, and Wellness Services (1.253.879.1555,

Other Support:

Security Services (1.253.879.3311, is available 24 hours a day; the attendant can connect you to Puget Sound staff who can help with your concern.

Peer Allies (, are available by Skype; message them on the Peer Allies Facebook page to make a Skype appointment.


You may contact the following individuals or support groups after returning to campus to seek support:

Sound Advocates are faculty and staff members trained in trauma response (

Counseling, Health, & Wellness Services (1.253.879.1555,

Rebuilding Hope! Sexual Assault Center of Pierce County (24-hours crisis, information, and referral line, 1.800.756.7273, 1.253.474.7273)

YWCA of Pierce County (24-hour crisis line: 1.253.383.2593,

National Sexual Assault Helpline (1.800.656.HOPE,

National Resource Center on Domestic Violence Hotline (1.800.799.SAFE,

You may take the following step after returning to campus to report sexual misconduct:

Review the materials that describe the steps of how to file an official report (