UEC Student Travel Awards for Conference Presentation

Proposals are invited for travel funding for full-time students whose independent work has been accepted for presentation at regional or national conferences. Funding is for the student(s) who actually present(s) the paper or work. The maximum limit on each award is $500. Student co-presenters will share a single grant.

» Important Information for Applicants – Read this first «


Conference travel scheduled for the 2018-2019 academic year is eligible for consideration. Applications will be processed as received through April 15, 2020.

Evaluation Criteria

Decisions will be based on the clarity, strength and completeness of the written proposal, appropriateness of the proposed budget, and strength of a supporting letter from the faculty adviser.

Requirements of Award Holders

Once the award is made, any deviation in expenditures from the approved budget must receive the approval of the University Enrichment Committee. Please send such requests to Lisa Hutchinson at enrichment@pugetsound.edu.

In order to obtain reimbursement for travel costs, students must submit a written report of the project, preferably in the format presented at the conference such as a paper or poster, to the University Enrichment Committee, c/o Lisa Hutchinson at enrichment@pugetsound.edu within ten days of their return from the conference.

Students should also submit the following materials to the Office of Finance at finance@pugetsound.edu:

Notice on Grant Limits

Because of the increasing demand for student research and travel funds, the University Enrichment Committee is unable to award more than one research or travel grant to a single student during the academic year.