Jolie was an English major hailing from Santee, CA, who is also minored in African American Studies and Communication.  During her time here at Puget Sound, Jolie served the campus community as the Coordinator of the Student Diversity Center for three years.  She served as the co-President of the Queer/Straight Alliance. She also co-founded Mirage (a group for students, faculty, and staff who are multiracial, transracially adopted, or involved in interracial relationships) and the Vagina Anti-Violence Alliance (a feminist organization on campus).

In her experience, she "always felt comfortable as an LGBT student at Puget Sound. The administrators at UPS are very intentional about making sure that LGBT students feel supported. Understanding Sexuality (the university's Queer/Straight Alliance) is extremely visible on campus without incident. And the LGBT Safe Zone program has been met with positive feedback and great success."

Jolie comments, "while I was at Puget Sound, there were definitely times when I wished there were more visible LGBT students. But I never felt alone. The campus community is small enough that everyone becomes comfortable with one another... like an extended family."

"I had an incredible experience at Puget Sound. I couldn't have been happier anywhere else."