The annual salary for Psychology Interns is $35,984. Interns are classified as full-time non-exempt staff paid hourly, eligible for overtime pay, and are eligible for the university health care/benefits package. All staff is given approximately 13 holiday/bonus days, non-exempt staff, working full-time, accrue 10 vacation days and 12 sick days per year. Interns are also given a floating holiday, which they accrue in January. Interns are requested to take 5 vacation days at the end of their internship to allow CHWS staff transition time between classes. As professionals working at our center, interns will be allowed 5 days of professional development leave for dissertation, job interviews, conference attendance, etc. Interns need to be mindful of the 2000 hour internship requirement when considering how to use their remaining vacation time.

For more information on the benefits offered by our university, please see the summary provided by Human Resources.

Additional Perks

  • To support intern professional development, up to $200 towards attendance at the psychology workshop, seminar, conference(s) of your choice, or EPPP study materials.
  • Each intern office is outfitted with a webcam that can be used for both audio and video recording sessions.
  • Excellent technological support
    • Dell computer (laptop) with all current software in each office and flat-screen monitor
    • Unlimited high-speed Internet and email
    • Quick response time to calls for technical help
  • Full access to university facilities
    • Borrowing privileges at the university library
    • Use of fitness center and pool
    • Free or discounted admission to Puget Sound cultural and athletic events