We invite you to consider a Doctoral Psychology Internship with Counseling, Health, & Wellness Services (CHWS) at the University of Puget Sound. Our small, liberal arts college is in Tacoma, Washington. Tacoma is a city with a population close to 215,000 and is located roughly 35 minutes south of Seattle and 25 minutes north of Olympia. The Puget Sound campus rests in Tacoma's friendly North End neighborhood. There's more about our community in the Setting section.

A bit about our training perspective

Our approach to training and supervision is based upon a developmental model. We view learning as a developmental process that occurs through professional activities while receiving support, training, feedback, and the opportunity to observe professional role models. The internship program has been designed to provide training activities that are sequential and graded in complexity. We provide the necessary structure, guidance, and support to facilitate development as each intern moves towards greater autonomy and gains the skills, knowledge, and confidence to master increasingly complex professional activities and decisions during the course of the training year.

We begin the internship year with a month-long orientation that provides staff and interns ample opportunities to develop strong working relationships. During this time, our staff learn about each interns’ experiences, training, strengths, and interests and identify growth areas. We strive to support our interns individually and as a group in their professional development. Upon the successful completion of the internship, our interns will be prepared for entry-level professional practice, as generalists, within the field of health service psychology.

We seek interns who wish to expand and deepen their effectiveness as generalists, particularly their psychotherapy, outreach, and interdisciplinary consultation skills. Interns who desire integrative supervision, are open to clinical challenges, have good ethical judgment, and a sense of humor is valued here. Read more about our training philosophy under Internship Goals.