Group Program

Group Offerings

A sample of the groups CHWS has provided in the past appears below. We have a small staff and a student body of 2,600, thus, we do not offer all of these groups at any one time. Factors determining group offerings include numbers of clients presenting with a particular issue on our caseloads (e.g., sexual trauma, eating disorders), emergent issues (e.g., grief group), Psychology Intern interests (e.g., mindfulness meditation, stress management).

Between the Lines, a support group for LGBTQIA students, runs regularly every year. During the 2016-2017 year ran several groups including Between the Lines, Sexual Assault Survivors Group, Adult Children of Alcoholics, Intercultural Student Support Group, a Self Compassion group, and a Grief group.

Groups at a Glance

Here are some examples of groups we have run in the past:

Adult Children of Alcoholics

This group provided students support and understanding of the unique pressures they experienced at home and that often continue to impact them while in college.

Eating and Body Image

For women and men exploring their relationship with food and body, and for those recovering from eating disorders. Themes include safety, depression, sexuality, self esteem, relationship, etc.

Intercultural Student Support Group

Students of color on our predominately white campus have a safe and supportive space on campus to discuss issues of feeling marginalized on campus and/or in the greater community, to share support with each other, and of course a place to share their favorite cultural comfort foods.

Survivors of Sexual Trauma

A safe environment for creative recovery from sexual abuse or assault for women and men. Give and receive support through the healing process understand how the trauma may affect current relationships and design positive change.

Between the Lines

Social and emotional support of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, queer, intersex and asexual students as well as those questioning their identity.

Stress Management Workshop Series

Help with determining your priorities and designing your time to match these values. Understand how you deal with anxiety, relax, and experiment with new coping strategies.

Mindfulness Meditation Workshop Series

A brief 4-week series of drop in workshops to help students learn different styles of meditation.

Grief and Loss Support

Help dealing with the loss of someone or something important, such as a death, the loss of a relationship, a change in physical health or skills, future plans/dreams, or a cultural adjustment.

Attention Deficit (ADD) Support Group

Emotional support, goal setting, and creative ideas for the social and academic challenges of living with ADD in college.

General Therapy Group

Work on improving relationship with self and others. Members help each other with self-esteem, assertiveness, conflict, intimacy, mood swings, values, family, divorce and other issues.

Sobriety Support Group

For students wanting the support, structure and skills needed to maintain a quality abstinence from alcohol and other drugs. For those who have made a change they want to keep.

Slow Dance with Mary Jane

A brief, semi-structured support group of students wanting to decrease their use of marijuana. This group was based upon the Stage of Change.

Non - Traditional (Older) Students

Support for students aged 27+, who are beginning or returning to their academic careers. Share the challenges of being a student later in life, such as ageism and balancing multiple roles.