What is the RHA?

Each community on campus has a Residence Hall Association (RHA) dedicated to advocating for the needs and interests of that community, and planning events to socialize, learn about one another, and create a vibrant and inclusive living-learning community. 

Retreat 2015

Residence Hall Associations (or RHAs) exist in each hall or housing area.  These groups are elected by their residential community to act as representatives; to coordinate social and educational events for their community; to respond to needs and concerns of the community; and to monitor the hall budget.  RHAs are traditionally responsible for putting on community programs, facilitating community standards, and purchasing items for their living environments such as TVs, DVD/Blu Ray players, and microwaves. For 2018-2019, there are six RHAs divided amongst our first-year and continuing student communities as follows: Regester/Seward, Todd/Phibbs, Trimble, Smith/Oppenheimer, Anderson/Langdon, and Schiff/Harrington. 

Each RHA is comprised of five executive members. RHA executive members partake in a RSA sponsored retreat in September to learn all about their positions, how to put on programs in the hall, and other college  traditions. Throughout the year, the RHA meets in their hall weekly with the support and guidance of the Resident Programming Advisor (RPA) of the area. All members of the hall are welcome to attend these meetings!