The Sound Transit T-Line Hilltop extension was launched on September 16, with the University of Puget Sound in attendance to mark the occasion. The project, which took years to complete, includes one relocated station, the Old City Hall, and six new stations: St. Joseph, Hilltop District, 6th Avenue, Tacoma General, Stadium District, and South 4th. Puget Sound proudly sponsors the Stadium District platform, and is thrilled about the connectivity, accessibility, and sustainable future that the T-Line brings to Tacoma.

We look forward to the numerous journeys and opportunities this extension will provide for our students, faculty, and the entire Tacoma community.

The T-Line trains now operate at convenient intervals during peak and off-peak hours, making it an easy way to explore Tacoma and beyond. With a projected daily ridership of 2,000-4,000 passengers by 2026, this extension promises to be a vital link in our vibrant community.