Kai Correa ’11 has a theory as to why a handful of Puget Sound alumni have landed positions in the upper echelons of professional baseball in recent years.

And while some of it has to do with the Loggers’ on-field success in the sport, much has to do with what happens in the classroom.

“The vast majority of the classes are smaller and are in boardroom settings—and if you didn’t come strapped in, having done the reading and willing to hold your position, you were going to get bulldozed,” says Correa, who is the bench coach for the San Francisco Giants. “And in higher-level baseball, you have a ton of meetings, discussion, and debates with really bright people, from front-office employees to coaches and players and scouts.”

That level of preparation at Puget Sound makes Correa feel like he’s still sitting in a classroom when he engages in his professional life. And it’s helped a number of other Loggers forge careers in a sport where analytics and data play a bigger role than they ever have.

Here are five of those success stories.