Noon Convocation Student Performances take place on Wednesdays during the common hour (Fall 2020: 12:20-1:50 PM PST). Dates are announced at the beginning of each semester. Students or ensembles are normally limited to 10 minutes of performance—exceptions to this limit must be at the consent of the student’s applied music instructor or ensemble coach and are contingent on scheduling.


Students Obtaining Degrees in:

Bachelor of Music in Music Education
Bachelor of Music with Elective Studies in Business
Bachelor of Arts in Music

  • Required: One performance during Noon Convocation in both the junior and senior years.

All Other School of Music Students:

  • May perform in Noon Convocation as approved by their instructors.


In fall semester 2020, all student performances for Noon Convocation will be pre-recorded. Students wishing to perform on a Noon Convocation should request a performance slot early in the semester.

To request a performance slot, students must e-mail the following information to Karissa Valine-Plaza, cc’ing their applied teacher:

  • The performance date requested
  • The length of the performance slot required

Once the performance slot is verified, students will record and submit a video performance of their selection(s) no later than two weeks before the performance date. To obtain more information about how to best configure a video performance, students should communicate with their applied teacher.

  • Students should label their video files as follows: “Last name, First name - Noon Convocation Video.”
  • Students should label their program information as follows: “Last name, First name - Noon Convocation Program Information.” Program information should be in the form of a document containing the performer’s name, the applied teacher’s name, the assigned performance date, the accompanist name or source, the name of the piece(s) and larger work (if applicable), and the composer name and dates.
  • Video recordings in mp4 format and program information should be submitted directly to this Google folder: Noon Convocation Performance & Program Submittals.

Student submissions will be included in a video compilation of performances that will be live streamed during the Noon Convocation time on the assigned performance date.


If you need a staff accompanist, do this immediately:

Step 1: Schedule at least one rehearsal. The available rehearsal slots for any week may be limited, so it benefits you to sign up early. If you are already working with a staff accompanist for an upcoming performance or have previously performed the repertoire in question, you may not need a rehearsal, but this waiver will be only at the discretion of the staff accompanist. Furthermore, highly complex pieces may be granted an extra rehearsal. This is also at the discretion of the staff accompanist.

Step 2: Provide the staff accompanist with a copy of your score by placing an original score, (or if you don't have an original, make sure that any copies are clear, clean, complete, e.g., no clipped margins, and copied back to back) in the staff accompanist's mailbox along with a note, providing your name, email address and performance date. If you have previously performed the piece with the accompanist, do not assume that any copies were retained.

Step 3: Use this time with the staff accompanist fruitfully. Be prepared. Have an agenda. Be willing to take the time to make your joint performance the most it can be.