Summer Housing is a limited program and runs for 10 weeks.  During the summer months, the majority of residential facilities are occupied and operated through Dining and Event Services. Students participating in the programs listed below are approved to live on campus during the summer.            *DEADLINE TO SIGN UP FOR SUMMER HOUSING IS MAY 1ST*

Approved Summer Housing Programs

In collaboration with multiple campus partners, Residence Life provides summer housing for the following approved programs for a limited number of students:

  • Dining and Event Services Summer Conference Assistants
  • A select number of newly elected and appointed ASUPS executive board members.
  • Students awarded a summer research grant through the Academic Deans Office.
  • Students participating in the Summer Immersion Internship Program
  • Housing is available for enrolled Puget Sound summer school students for the term they are enrolled in. 

Outside of these approved programs, summer housing is not available to students.

Summer 2023 Housing will be in selected Union Avenue Houses with double occupancy.

Rates for Summer 2023 Housing will be $280 for one summer session (5 weeks) and $560 for two summer sessions (10 weeks).  

Important Dates

  • Information Session - April 13, 2023 at 6:00pm in Murray Boardroom, Wheelock 108
  • Housing Sign-Up - April 20, 2023 at 6:00pm in the Tahoma Room, Thomas Hall
  • Move In - May 19, 2023
  • Move Out - July 29, 2023

Summer Sublet Connection

We recognize that there is a larger interest in summer housing than can be met on campus.  To support students locate other housing options for the summer, Residence Life runs the Summer Sublet Connection beginning after Spring Break.  Please check your Puget Sound email for more information.

Gap Housing

Some students would like to stay on campus in May after the Residence closure date (May 13 for undergraduate students, May 15 for graduating students) referred to as Gap Housing which will be available from May 13 - June 1, 2023.   Residence Life can accommodate you during this gap for a fee; May 13 to May 21 is $150 and May 13 to June 1 is $250.  Inquire with the Residence Life Office at if you are interested in Gap Housing.