Puget Sound Community Summer 2021

Summer Virtual Classes with Puget Sound Faculty, Open to All

Puget Sound campus

Welcome to the University of Puget Sound. Whether you are a current or future Logger, an alum, or one of our neighbors in the immediate community or beyond, we welcome you to join us for an online program designed to bring you the best skills, tools, and knowledge our faculty has to offer. Anyone can take part, and there are no exams of any kind! These classes are not associated with a degree or certification program.  We simply invite you to learn with us and be inspired.   

Immerse yourself in the history of  Tacoma's music scene with faculty from the School of Music. Explore the physiology of how plants grow and thrive in your garden with a professor from Biology. Channel your ideas to write a new script for the stage or screen with guidance from a faculty expert in contemporary theater and Hip Hop aesthetics. Create a family archive to tell your story with instruction from our Collins Memorial Library archivist. Learn about the life and travels of artist activist Abby Williams Hill from the curators of her collection. Find out why Scandinavians are considered to be healthier and happier from a faculty member born and raised in Norway. Ask questions about the politics and psychology of fake news from a professor in Politics and Government. Hone your professional and crisis communication skills with the director of our Center for Speech and Effective Advocacy. Or harness and understand key leadership principles explained by School of Business and Leadership faculty author of the biography of Colin Powell. Play a musical instrument or learn to sing by taking music lessons. Whether you are a beginner or have many years of experience, our faculty can help you take your skills and knowledge to new heights!     

Join us, connect with us, learn with us. Register now.

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