Students can study abroad and if approved these Neuroscience credits will be counted as electives for their Neuroscience emphasis. If you are applying for the study abroad program note that prior approval is necessary for your courses before you travel. This is to ensure the standard of classes offered, so as to maximize student learning experience.

A view into our Neuro students abroad: Neuro Beyond the Sound

When students go abroad to study, we encourage them to

  1. Maintain an e-journal of class and research experiences while abroad (to be updated weekly or twice a month)
  2. Touch base via Skype/Chat to discuss nature of on-going classes at least twice during the semester
  3. If possible, speak remotely to the NRSC 201 class about their experience/speak with NRSC 201 class about experience after they return.
  4. If possible, talk to at least 2 professors about their work in Neuroscience, interests and techniques used (a template of 3 questions is available by request).
  5. If possible, provide a copy of course material upon return for use in departmental database.

These are not required, but will enhance both your experience and that of students to follow. If you need clarifications or have ideas, feel free to contact the Neuroscience program at or the Neuroscience Chair.