International Orientation – August 20, 2021

Please save the date for our International Orientation on Friday, August  20. Note: International Orientation is compulsory for all students with F-1 visas. If you are not coming on an F-1 visa but you have lived outside the US for any length of time we would also love to have you attend. This day-long orientation is an opportunity to meet key Puget Sound staff and your fellow international and Third-Culture or expat students. We will cover things like transitioning to US American culture and the US college classroom, how to access health care, practical resources on- and around-campus, and where to find the best coffee!

Move-in Date exceptions for International Arrivals

You must communicate your arrival plans to Eowyn Greeno ( in advance to have an early move in confirmed! Please note that if your permanent address is outside the US you will be allowed to move into your campus housing early. Because of COVID, we are allowing students traveling from outside the US to arrive on campus as early as August 8, 2021. But again, you MUST communicate your arrival plans to us (see Arrival information below) to have your early move-in approved.

Airport pick-ups for solo international arrivals

If you will be arriving to the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) on your own we would be happy to arrange your transportation from the airport to campus. See item 5 below on how to arrange this. If you will be arriving with your family we recommend that you take a taxi or have your family rent a car to bring you to campus. Your family can find information on local hotels and transportation options.


COVID vaccine, testing and other protocols you need to know for move-in

COVID Vaccine:

  • Vaccinated: If you have already received the COVID vaccine be sure to upload your COVID vaccine documentation into the Counseling, Health, and Wellness (CHWS) portal. It is also recommended to bring your vaccine card with you when you travel. Any of the following vaccines are acceptable: Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, Sinovac, Sinopharm, AstroZeneca, and Covishield.
  • Un-vaccinated: If it is not possible for you to be vaccinated in your home country prior to coming to Puget Sound please don’t worry. CHWS can assist you in finding an appointment to get the vaccine in Tacoma. You may also visit this website: to see the locations near campus that have vaccines available (enter the zip code 98416 and search within a 1 mile radius).


  • You must have a COVID test 72 hours before arrival to campus this fall. Either a PCR or antigen test are acceptable. Bring documentation of a negative test to be cleared for on campus check-in. You will also need proof of a negative test for your flight to the US.  If you plan to come to the US early and spend time with family or travel before coming to campus you will need to test 72 hours before your move-in date. You may visit the Tacoma Pierce County testing website to access COVID testing in Tacoma.
  • You will take another test upon arrival. When you arrive on campus, the very first thing you will do is check in with CHWS at the testing pavilion to show your negative test documentation. At that time you will also take a PCR COVID test (you just have to spit into a tube). The testing pavilion will be open from 10am – 2pm.
  • If you are not yet fully vaccinated, you will take a third test about 72 hours after you arrive.

Self-quarantine for un-vaccinated students:

  • Un-vaccinated students will self-quarantine in their dorm room for the first seven days on campus and until they have received two negative COVID test results. Self-quarantine in this cases means that you would remain in your room except when you need to leave to use the rest room, receive your COVID vaccine shot, go to the testing pavilion, or to pick up food from the diner. When you leave your room during your seven days of self-quarantine, you must wear a mask.

Meals before the start of classes:

  • Please note that your meal plan will be active as soon as you arrive on campus and dining facilities will be available starting on August 8. If you plan to arrive early you could potentially need to add some funds to your meal plan towards the end of the semester as meal plans are tailored to fit a 15 week semester. Find details about meal plans.


Arrival information

Things to keep in mind as you plan your arrival:

  • Please plan to arrive on campus in order to fulfill the requirements listed in number 4 above before your first planned in-person activity on campus. For example, if you will not be vaccinated before coming to campus, and you plan to participate in International Orientation, you should plan to arrive on August 12 at the latest.
  • You should plan your flight to arrive at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) before 11:00 AM, if possible, in order to be on campus in time to be tested on your arrival day.
  • You may arrive as early as August 8.
  • Once you know your arrival date you MUST email Eowyn Greeno with your details and I will confirm your early move-in approval.

Please email Eowyn Greeno the following information:

  • Your arrival date:
  • Will you be traveling on your own or with your family/others?:

If you will be on your own, and you would like us to provide transportation from the airport to campus, please include:

  • Your cell phone number/what’s app contact, or any other ways we can reach you on your phone in case of missed connections:
  • Airline(s):
  • Flight number(s):
  • Route(s) (for example, Taipei-LAX and LAX-SEA):
  • Arrival time at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport:


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