Much of the required syllabus language is now housed on an Academic and Administrative Policies tab in all courses in Canvas.

To point students to that language, please insert this text in your syllabi:

University, Academic, and Administrative Policies

There are many university policies and resources that offer guidance on how to be safe and make the most of your college education. Here are a few that you should take a moment to review:

  • Please review university emergency preparedness, response procedures and a training video posted at
  • For information on academic and administrative policies (such as policies on grade policies, leaves of absence, declaring a major, academic integrity, and academic petitions) please refer to the Academic and Administrative Policies section of the University Bulletin located here:
  • If you are seeking a religious accommodation in an academic course or program, please follow the process provided in the university’s policy on Student Religious Accommodations in Academic Courses or Programs, available at
  • If you have any concerns about prohibited harassment or discrimination that may be affecting you or others at Puget Sound, please contact the university’s Title IX Coordinator/Equal Opportunity Officer, Wheelock 218, 253.879.3793, website:, email: The Title IX Coordinator/Equal Opportunity Officer can explain available options and help address concerns informally or formally.
  • If you have a physical, psychological, medical or learning disability that may impact you as a student at Puget Sound, please contact Student Accessibility and Accommodation, Howarth 105, 253.879.3399, website:, email: They will determine with you what accommodations are necessary and appropriate.