Health Professions Advising Staff

The Health Professions Advising Office's principal mission is to support pre-health undergraduate students, pre-health graduate students, and alumni as they navigate their journey toward a professional health program.

The Health Professions Advising staff includes:

Faculty Chair, Health Professions Advising: Gregory Johnson

Thompson Hall 257H
CMB #1088

To schedule an appointment with Greg (virtual only), visit: Greg's Appointment Request Calendar 

Gregory Johnson, Ph.D., Biology, is the faculty pre-health advisor and Chair of the Health Professions Advising Committee. Greg joined the University of Puget Sound in 2009 and teaches a wide range of biology courses. He has been involved with the Health Professions Advising Committee since 2017. 

Photo of Greg Johnson

Health Professions Advisor:
Nova Fergueson 

Thompson Hall 203
CMB #1007 

To schedule an appointment with Nova (in-person or virtual) visit: Nova's Appointment Request Calendar

Nova Fergueson, M.S. is the Health Professions Advisor and is a member of the Health Professions Advising  Committee. Nova has 20 years of experience in academic advising, including both public and private institutions, and joined the University of Puget Sound community in 2019. In addition to her advising work, Nova also serves as the Staff Advisor for the Pre-Health Club and the American Medical Women's Association (AMWA) campus branch. On a national level, Nova serves as the NAAHP Advisor Liaison for the American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC).  

2024-2025 HPA Student Ambassadors

Interested in connecting directly with a current pre-health student to learn more about the pre-health experience at Puget Sound? Our HPA Student Ambassadors are available to answer questions, share their pre-health journey, and serve as a general resource for prospective students, current students, and alumni considering a career in the health professions. 

2024-2025 HPA Student Ambassadors will be announced in August 2024! 

2024-2025 Experiential Learning Student Ambassador

Eager to speak with a current student to explore health-related experiential learning ideas from the student perspective? The Experiential Learning Student Ambassador supports current Loggers as they consider health-related experiential opportunities, including activities such as volunteer clinical experience, internships, on-campus research and paid clinical positions, among others. Contact the Experiential Learning Student Ambassador, Cecilia Turetzky, directly to schedule an appointment for further conversation!
Cecilia Turetzky: Pre-Med (majors: Molecular & Cellular Biology and Neuro Bioethics, minors: Bioethics and Philosophy)
Hometown: Pleasanton, CA

2024-2025 HPA Alumni Ambassadors

Our HPA Alumni Ambassadors are a group of recent Logger alumni who are available to share their personal Puget Sound pre-health journey, participate in informational interviews, and serve as a general source of support for our aspiring professional health program applicants. Contact an alum directly via email (listed below) for further conversation. 

Name, Puget Sound Graduation Year & Email Major(s)/Minor(s) Professional Health Program/Degree
Chelsea Goldberg, 2020: Biochemistry/Mathematics Medical: Arkansas College of Osteopathic Medicine (DO)/Rural Medicine
Ellen Hann, 2019: Molecular & Cellular Biology/Education Studies Nursing: University of San Francisco School of Nursing & Health Sciences (MSN)
Kelby Hunt, 2021: Biology/Bioethics Medical: University of Miami Miller School of Medicine (MD/MPH)/ Intended OBGYN
Abi Jeskey, 2024: Biology Physical Therapy: University of Puget Sound (DPT)
Capriana Jiang, 2023: Biology/Japanese, Bioethics & Chemistry Medical: Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (MD)/ Intended Pediatric Dermatology
Christina Nguyen, 2023: Molecular Cellular Biology/Bioethics Genetic Counseling: Keck Graduate Institute (MS)/ Prenatal & Preconception Genetic Counseling
Bailey Ulrich, 2022: Exercise Science Nursing: Johns Hopkins School of Nursing (MSN)/ Pediatric Cardiology
Aldrin Villahermosa, 2021: Biology/Bioethics Public Health: University of Puget Sound (MPH)
Jeremy Wood, 2018: Biology Medical: Western University of Health Sciences of the Pacific Northwest (DO)/ Intended Anesthesiology
Shannon Woods, 2019: Molecular & Cellular Biology/African American Studies Pharmacy: Auburn University Harrison College of Pharmacy (PharmD/MBA) 
Ivin Yu, 2019: Molecular & Cellular Biology/Bioethics Medical: Western University of Health Sciences of the Pacific (DO)/ Intended Family Medicine
Z Zeigerson, 2019: Biochemistry/Mathematics Medical: Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine (DO)/ Family Medicine & Gender Affirming Medicine


Health Professions Advising Committee (HPAC)

The Health Professions Advising Committee (HPAC) includes more than 25 Puget Sound faculty, administrators, and community partners who volunteer their time to serve on mock interview panels, participate in departmental scholarship selection, and provide an added layer of support for Puget Sound pre-health students. They represent a variety of departments, including: School of Occupational Therapy, School of Physical Therapy, Counseling Health & Wellness Services, Sociology & Anthropology, Biology, Communication Studies, Chemistry, Exercise Science, Institutional Equity & Diversity, Psychology, Academic Advising, Experiential Learning, School of Business & Leadership, Career & Employment Services, MultiCare Health System, and COPE Health Scholars among others. 

HPAC Members for the 2023-2024 Academic Year:
Dr. Gregory Johnson: Faculty Chair of Health Professions Advising Committee, & Biology Dr. Gary McCall: Exercise Science
Nova Fergueson (M.S.): Health Professions Advisor Jacqui Elliott: Academic Advising
Dr. Aimee Sidhu: Occupational Therapy Dr. Jung Kim: Exercise Science
Dr. Alyce DeMarais: Professor Emerita, Biology Dr. Kristin Johnson: Science, Technology, Health & Society
Anastasia Semenova (PA-C): MultiCare Health System Landon Wade: Academic Advising & Fellowships
Dr. Ben Lewin: MPH & Sociology/Anthropology Dr. Leslie Saucedo: Biology
Dr. Bianca Wolf: Communication Studies Dr. Lynnette Claire: Business & Leadership
Dr. Carrie Woods: Biology (sabbatical) Dr. Megan Gessel: Chemistry
Dr. Dan Burgard: Chemistry Dr. Nick Kontogeorgopoulos: International Political Economy, & Experiential Learning
Danielle Bus (RN, MA): CHWS Nicole Kendrick: Experiential Learning
Dr. Danny McMillian: Physical Therapy (sabbatical) Dr. Rachel Pepper: Physics
Dr. David Latimer: Physics Rebecca Pettitt: COPE Health Scholars
Elize Hellam: Experiential Learning Dr. Shelly Norvell: Occupational Therapy
Dr. Eric Scharrer: Chemistry (on leave)  
HPA office building