Requesting a Letter of Recommendation

I'm happy to write recommendations for my students.  Please give me a minimum of two weeks lead time (a month is better when classes are in session and I tend to be busy.)

You can help me write a stronger recommendation by providing me with the following:

1.  A detailed and specific list of your strengths and qualities of character that you think are important to program, fellowship, etc. to which you are applying.  I will of course have my own ideas, but you can jog my memory and draw my focus with your suggestions.  Include specific examples that illustrate the strengths you list.

2.  A description (in your own words--don't just send me links) of the program you are applying to and why you are drawn to it.

3.  A copy of your transcript.

4.  A copy of your resume.

You might also read  "Letters of Recommendation for Graduate School: Student Guide" from Dickinson College.  It gives you a quick overview of what you should keep in mind and what you should do.

Please assemble all these materials and send them to me in a single email