Puget Sound is renowned for its high-quality faculty-student interactions. The Faculty Development Center offers a variety of engaging workshops and one-on-one sessions to help faculty members continue to grow as pedagogues. 

Support for Faculty

Looking for assistance facilitating discussions with your students or devising new course descriptions and syllabi? In addition to hosting a variety of group workshops, the Faculty Development Center also offers one-on-one appointments on topics including, but not limited to:

  • Interpreting course evaluations
  • Q&A about promotion and tenure file writing
  • Syllabus feedback
  • Class observations and feedback
  • Assignment and assessment feedback
  • Strategies for creating an inclusive classroom

To schedule an appointment, contact fdc@pugetsound.edu.

Note: All content discussed during one-on-one consultations is private and kept confidential.


Upcoming Campus Events


Wednesdays at 4

Wednesdays at 4, previously offered through the Center for Writing and Learning, fosters ongoing improvement of teaching and learning at University of Puget Sound through informal gatherings among faculty and other colleagues across the university. Wednesdays at 4 allows for an exchange of ideas to explore both emerging trends and perennial themes in higher education. Wednesdays at 4 also provides a forum for discussion of relevant topics suggested by committees or individuals on campus.

Spring 2022 Sessions

Sessions held in person in the Faculty Development Center (Library 108)

  • 1/26 Trigger Warnings: Helpful or Harmful
  • 2/9 Incorporating the Information Literacy Reflection Tool to Support Student Learning
  • 2/23 Addressing Misunderstandings in the Classroom
  • 3/9 Teaching an International Education Program
  • 3/23 Transferrable Lessons from Puget Sound's Pilot Cohort Programs
  • 4/6 Dolliver Seminar Project Sharing
  • 4/20 Teaching Non-Traditional Students
  • 5/4 End of the Semester Celebration!


Past Wednesdays at 4 Sessions


Previous Pedagogy Workshops

  • “Designing Effective Oral Assignments”
  • “Meeting Our Students Where They Are: Establishing Just Standards for Teaching and Assessing Writing,” Asao Inoue
  • “Reacting to the Past”
  • “Structuring and Sequencing Assignments for Deep Learning,” Puget Sound faculty and staff
  • “Engaging Ideas,” John Bean
  • “Disciplining Content/Contenting Discipline,” Kurt Spellmeyer
  • “Exploring Knowledge, Identity, and Power in Writing Assignments,” Jennifer Trainor
  • “Teaching Writing in the Scientific and Quantitative Fields,” Jan Pechenik
  • “Designing Effective Writing Assignment Sequences in the Seminars in Scholarly Inquiry,” Nancy Sommers
  • “Developing the Seminars in Scholarly Inquiry,” Rebecca Nowacek