Faculty from departments across the University have graciously agreed to share their critical reflection assignments. In the descriptions below you will find a variety of critical reflection techniques. They are arranged by discipline. You are welcome to use these as templates when designing reflection assignments appropriate for your course, students, and learning goals.

BIOLOGY 472: Animal Behavior - Experience: Zoo Study.

BUSINESS 440: Entrepreneurship – Experiences: Job Shadow, Entrepreneur Journal, Business plan, Business Blitz

BUSINESS 482: Strategic Management and Consulting – Experience: Strategic consulting team

COMM 308: Organizational Communication Theory – Experience: Volunteer or Job Shadow

COMM 361: Organizing Difference – Experience: Group observation of an organization

EDUCATION 400: Adventure Experience – Experience: 100 day Mississippi River adventure

PSYCHOLOGY 497: Psychology Practicum – Experience: Practicum

SOAN 316: Cultural Politics and Global Development – Experience: Elementary school/UPS Collaboration

SSI2 180: The French Revolution – Experience: Reacting to the Past

THEATRE 215, 300, 310: Acting Pedagogues – Experience: Pedagogue Role