Sun Young Ahn

Sun Young Ahn

Associate Professor and Nat S. and Marian W. Rogers Professor, School of Business and Leadership

Prof. Ahn’s research interests lie broadly within the areas of consumer behavior and decision making, retailing, and consumer well-being. In her dissertation, she focused on ethical marketing and examined how sustainability information in the market can change consumer behaviors. Prof. Ahn continues to investigate consumer behavior in sustainability with regard to brand activism and green hotel marketing. Her other research projects involve developing a cross-cultural retail brand personality scale and examining the effect of stress on consumer decision making using brainwaves (EEG) data. Prof. Ahn teaches courses in Principles of Marketing, Marketing Research, Consumer Behavior, and Sustainability Marketing. 

BS Seoul National University 2005
MS Seoul National University 2007
PhD The University of Arizona 2016
Principles of Marketing BUS 310-A Fall 2024
Principles of Marketing BUS 310-B Fall 2024
Consumer Behavior BUS 407-A Fall 2024

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