Paige Kolnes

Paige Kolnes

Visiting Assistant Professor, Politics and Government

Paige Kolnes teaches courses in U.S. politics, public policy, and constitutional law. Her previous research explores the various ways in which U.S. public policies developed alongside major economic progressions, and how such historical connections came to affect contemporary political debates. Professor Kolnes’s dissertation examined the U.S. federal government’s policy responses to deindustrialization and the widespread decline in U.S. manufacturing jobs. As an extension, her current research is analyzing how components of U.S. trade policy became uniquely institutionalized as a form of domestic social policy over time, establishing a long-term government program for industrial workers whose jobs were lost as a result of increased imports and the pursuit of more open trade practices in the United States. In addition to her research, Professor Kolnes is interested in teaching about the function and development of economic inequality in the United States, as well as U.S. institutions such as the Supreme Court, the presidency, Congress, and federalism.

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American politics, U.S. politics, constitutional law, civil liberties, U.S. elections, American presidency, social policy, income inequality, the U.S. Supreme Court, labor unions, business regulation

BA Willamette University 2014
MA University of California Santa Cruz 2018
PhD University of California Santa Cruz 2022
Introduction to US Politics PG 101-A Spring 2024
American Constitutional Law PG 313-A Spring 2024
Capitalism in Crisis PG 320-A Spring 2024

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