Lisa Ferrari

Lisa Ferrari

Professor, Politics and Government

Lisa Ferrari teaches in the areas of international relations and applied ethics, and U.S.-Canadian relations. Her current research examines the moral and security implications of commons-based geoengineering as a response to climate change. In particular, collaborating with Elizabeth L. Chalecki, she has applied lessons from the European just war tradition to questions of geoengineering governance and considered a role for Canada in the governance process. Her recent past research has addresses the role of moral theology in Catholic NGOs’ response to the global HIV/AIDS epidemic, and the broader role of the Holy See in international relations.

BA Williams College 1986
MA Boston University 1989
Ph.D Georgetown University 1998
Power and Political Inquiry PG 200-B 2224
International Human Rights PG 386-A 2224
Intro International Relations PG 103-A 2228
Feminist Int'l Relations PG 385-A 2228
Just War Theory PG 387-A 2228

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