Evelyn Richman

Evelyn Richman

Visiting Assistant Professor, Mathematics

My expertise is in the field of mathematical analysis, particularly functional analysis and partial differential equations. Functional analysis is the study of vector spaces in a broader generality than one might encounter in linear algebra. For example, functions can be thought of as infinite-dimensional vectors, and linear operators such as derivatives can be treated as the infinite-dimensional analogue of matrices. This lends a tremendous amount of insight into the behavior of Schrödinger equations, the partial differential equations which govern quantum physics.


BA University of Colorado Boulder 2018
PhD University of Illinois Chicago 2022
Calculus for Bus/Social Sci MATH 170-A Spring 2024
Calculus & Analytic Geometry I MATH 180-B Spring 2024
Multivariate Calculus MATH 280-A Spring 2024

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Thompson 390C