Danny McMillian

Danny McMillian

Clinical Professor, Physical Therapy

(On Leave Spring 2024)

In addition to serving as the program director, Dr. McMillian currently teaches courses on therapeutic exercise and gait, and treats patients in the on-site, club-sport athlete clinic. A retired army officer, he has many years of experience as an orthopedic-sports clinician in a variety of primary care settings. In addition to his role as a PT, he developed doctrine and training programs in human performance optimization for the U.S. military. He continues to partner with U.S. military bases to provide continuing education courses for personal trainers and clinicians, as well as performance training for military units. Collaborating with Puget Sound PT students, his current research is centered on the Movement Stories project, with the intent of better understanding the experiences, beliefs, and motivational factors associated with high levels of physical activity in adults. The video narrative component of the project will eventually be shared with clinicians and other professionals working to reverse the population trend toward insufficient physical activity. Future research will evaluate the motivational value of the videos.

BA University of Texas San Antonio 1989
MPT Baylor University 1991
DSC Baylor University 2003
Therapeutic Exercise I PT 642-A Fall 2024
Exercise and Wellness PT 652-AA Fall 2024
Exercise and Wellness PT 652-AB Fall 2024
Advanced Topics in PT PT 677-R Fall 2024

Contact Information

Weyerhaeuser 224