Benjamin Tromly


Professor, History

Benjamin Tromly teaches courses in modern European history, with an emphasis on the 20th century. His teaching interests include Russian and East European History, totalitarianism, the Cold War, European intellectual history, and European nationalisms. Tromly is the author of Making the Soviet Intelligentsia: Universities and Intellectual Life under Stalin and Khruschev (Cambridge University Press, 2015), which explores the formation of educated elites in Russian and Ukrainian universities during the early Cold War, and the conflicts that arose about the place of intellectuals and higher learning under socialism. His current book project, Shadow Wars: Russian Émigrés in the Cold War, examines the place of Russians living in Europe and America as a theater for conflict between the Cold War superpowers. He has published in Journal of Cold War StudiesRussian ReviewKritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian HistoryNationalities PapersEuropean History Quarterly, and Europe-Asia Studies. He has traveled extensively in Russia and Ukraine.

BA Grinnell College 1999
MA Harvard Undergraduate Admissions 2002
Ph.D Harvard Undergraduate Admissions 2007
Modern Europe since 1815 HIST 103-A 2218
Russia Since 1861 HIST 224-A 2218
Politics Eurasia HIST 323-A 2218
European Dictatorships HIST 325-A 2224
World War II in Europe SSI2 189-A 2224
World War II in Europe SSI2 189-B 2224

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