The Curriculum Committee is responsible for applying the educational philosophy and ideals of the University to the undergraduate and graduate curricula offered. This work includes such responsibilities as reviewing course and curricular proposals and reviewing department curricular self-studies. For questions about and assistance with curriculum, please write

Due Dates

  • Course proposals (new or changes to existing) for spring term: September 15 (October 1 for new faculty)
  • Course proposals (new or changes to existing) for summer or fall term: February 1 (February 15 for new faculty)
  • 7-year Department and Program Curriculuar Reviews: October 15
  • Proposals to Curriculum Committee for new curricular programs: January 15 (Curriculum Concept Proposal must be completed and approved before submission; note that this approval may take 3-12 months)
  • Changes to existing curricular programs: January 30

Course Proposals

Curriculum Changes

7-year Curriculum Review

Program Proposal Guidelines

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