Annual funds are provided in order to support faculty travel to professional meetings in which they are a participant. The following content is also available in the Conference Participation Guidelines Form.

Deadline: Applications for trips are due by May 15, and must be completed at least two weeks prior to travel.

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Funds are provided annually for the purpose of supporting faculty travel to professional meetings in which a faculty member is a participant. Faculty who receive a pedagogy travel grant are not eligible for a conference participation grant except insofar as money remains on May 15 to fund second trips.

Professional meetings are defined to be meetings attended substantially by one's professional peers. Fundable participation in professional meetings may take several forms. A faculty member may receive 100% funding (of allowable expenses up to $1,350 for travel to domestic destinations and up to $1,570 for travel to international destinations) to give a formal presentation of original scholarly work at a professional meeting. (In the arts, a performance or exhibition will be regarded as the equivalent of a presentation of original scholarly work.) The method of presentation may vary among disciplines, but the presentation will be considered for 100% funding if the material presented is equivalent in depth and scope to the standard research presentation in the discipline.

A faculty member may receive funding at 60% for participation in a professional meeting that involves service as a commentator, respondent, discussant, exhibitor, or performer. Funding in this category will be contingent on presentation of evidence of substantial prior preparation for the session in question and of an explanation of the scholarly content of planned participation. A petition to the Enrichment Committee may be made for 100% funding if the faculty member is serving on the board of a professional association or as a program planner.

A faculty member normally will not be funded for a meeting in which their participation involves only serving as a chair of a session, organizing a symposium, or serving as a meeting organizer or a member of the executive committee of the sponsoring organization. Presentation of substantially the same paper or performance will be funded only one time. Multiple UPS authors of a paper will be funded to a maximum of $1,350 total ($1,570 total for international destinations) for all co-authors combined.

Percentages and limits will be set annually based on expected requests and funds available. Funds may be reserved but will not be distributed until the final report is submitted by the faculty member and the criteria have been met.


These funds are intended for the use of tenure-line faculty, faculty holding ongoing clinical positions, faculty holding fulltime three-year assistant professor appointments, and full-time, continuing artists-in-residence who are participants in a professional meeting. Up to ten percent of the conference participation funds may be awarded to faculty at the rank of Instructor and visiting faculty who have been in full-time service at the university for at least three years. Faculty on sabbatical leave will be eligible for funding on a least cost basis either from Tacoma to the meeting place or from the sabbatical location to the meeting place. Instructors with less than three years of service at the university and non-career, short-term replacements of tenure-line faculty will not be funded. Please see policy statement and documentation required for university support of travel outside the United States.


Apply here at least two weeks prior to date of travel.

The following should be included in the initial request for conference participation funds:

  1. a completed Conference Participation Travel Funding Request form;
  2. an abstract or copy of the paper or other scholarly work to be presented;
  3. verification of the paper's acceptance. The Committee may approve a conference participation grant on the basis of the first two requirements subject to receipt of the official acceptance of the paper.
  4. Foreign Travel Waiver, if applicable.


Applications for first trips are acted upon in the order received, and they must be received by May 15 for consideration in the current fiscal year. Funding of second trips occurs on May 16 if any funds remain in the travel pool. If the amount of money remaining is insufficient to fund all approved second trips fully, second trips will be funded partially, with a funding differential of approximately twenty per cent favoring the applications of untenured tenure-line faculty. For example, depending on the amount of money in the pool, applications of untenured tenure-line faculty might be funded at 80% and others at 60%, or the former might be funded at 60% and others at 40%. The percentages actually used will vary from year to year, depending on funding. Second trip requests should be submitted as early as possible but will not be funded prior to May 15. Third trips will not be funded.


Grant recipients shall provide the following reports to the University Enrichment Committee, in care of Dean of Faculty Affairs Julie Christoph, Jones 106 or CMB 1020, within thirty days after the conference:

  1. Reasonable evidence of his/her participation at the conference, such as a copy of the final conference program or a copy of the paper/scholarly work.
  2. A completed Reimbursement Request form available at the UEC Expense and Reimbursement Information webpage. Attach original invoices and receipts for all expenses.


Additional Forms:

If applicable, please complete these additional forms and upload them with your application.