December 7, 2022

Dear Members of the Campus Community,

As we head into the Winter Break, we are writing to provide some important updates regarding our campus testing program and helpful information about your return to campus in January.

COVID-19 Testing Updates
Our testing program will be changing with the start of the spring semester. Importantly, free rapid antigen tests will no longer be available on campus after January 23, 2023, due to the cessation of the Washington DOH program which has provided these tests. After January 23, 2023, all campus members should be prepared to supply their own rapid antigen tests, or use community testing sites. Please review the information below for testing options going forward: 

  • Distribution of remaining rapid antigen tests will continue until their expiration date (1/23/2023) while supplies last. You can pick up a rapid antigen test from Security Services, outside of Wheelock Student Center room 208, and Facilities Services.
  • Order free rapid antigen tests from the Washington Department of Health by December 31, 2022 using this website: This free test distribution program will be discontinued on January 1, 2023, so it is important to place your order now. 
  • Faculty and staff who participate in the university’s medical plan can receive free rapid antigen tests using insurance at pharmacies. For more information, contact 
  • CHWS will continue to provide COVID-19 testing to students who are experiencing symptoms if clinically indicated. Students need to call CHWS and schedule an appointment with a provider. The cost of the test(s) and any exam fees will be billed to your student account. 
  • Check the Tacoma Pierce County Health Department COVID-19 testing website for information about community testing sites.

Returning to Campus After Winter Break
In order to ensure limited disruption to our campus activities after the winter break, we strongly recommend that you:

  • Are updated on all COVID-19 boosters and your flu shot; and
  • Test for COVID-19: 
    • before coming back to campus;
    • after any large gatherings;
    • after close contact; and/or 
    • if you have COVID-19 symptoms.

Please do not travel or resume activities on campus if you are ill. Please refer to the flowchart for general recommendations.  

After resuming activities on campus after the break, we strongly recommend the following:

  • Do not participate in campus activities if you are ill; 
  • For the first week of classes, wear a mask at indoor group settings and when you are in close contact with others; and 
  • Within five days of returning from break, test yourself:
    • Rapid antigen tests will be placed in each on-campus housing unit for use within 5 days of arriving back on campus; and
    • All other campus members can pick up a test kit prior to 1/23/2023 from Security Services, outside of Wheelock Student Center room 208, and Facilities Services while supplies last.

Thank you for continuing to prioritize your personal health and our collective health and safety. I hope you have a wonderful break, and a happy new year.  

Best wishes, 

Danielle Bus, RN (she/her)