Dear Faculty, Staff and Student-Staff members,

The Tacoma forecast for the next several days includes daytime high temperatures ranging from the upper 80s to possibly more than 100 degrees. Thankfully, it will cool off overnight. ( Here are some ways we can “beat the heat”:

  • Wear light-colored, light-weight, loose-fitting clothes, which may mean dressing more casually than we might otherwise.
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  • Use practices that are likely to reduce temperatures in our work locations, e.g. keep curtains and blinds closed, turn off overhead lights when possible, turn off heat-producing equipment not in use, etc.
  • Use fans to keep spaces cool. Facilities has some fans available for loan if you do not have a fan in your office. Contact the Facilities Help Desk at extension 3713 to request a fan.
  • When approved by department heads, consider the feasibility of temporary adjustments to work schedules and locations.
  • As applicable, remind guests in advance of arrival that most campus facilities are not air-conditioned.
  • Pay attention to our individual health conditions and advise our supervisors of any special needs that the heat creates for us.
  • Starting tomorrow through August 13, cool off with free popsicles in Marshall Hall for regular staff, student staff, and faculty members between noon and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, courtesy of Dining and Conference Services!

For additional information on how to beat the heat, visit and if you have other ideas, share them with one another and with us. 
Your Human Resources Colleagues