As we prepare to welcome approximately 900 students to campus, I wanted to take a moment to remind the campus of the resources available to students in need of support. For some students, this will be their first time on our campus.  Additionally, many of our students will be coming to us after managing what was a very challenging year. We are also stepping into a new year that has already been filled with uncertainty. Therefore, we want to do all we can to ensure that our campus is aware of the resources available to students and that students can be seamlessly guided to the appropriate source of support as needed. You can find a complete referral guide for students here. A PDF version of this guide is also attached should you wish to print it out for ease of access.

In addition to using this guide as a resource, it will also be important to take extra time and attention to check in and see how our students are doing. Students might not always let us know if they are struggling. Also, keep in mind that we will have a good number of students living in a single room this semester. Therefore, it will be most beneficial for there to be multiple checkpoints for our students. Whether it is checking in before or after a class, sparking a conversation with a student in passing, or establishing office hours as a space for students to check-in, ensuring that we collectively do what we can to support our students will be especially critical this year. 

Please know that the Office of the Dean of Students is here to support you and be a resource should you need guidance on how best to support or refer a student. Please feel free to contact us at should you need assistance. We look forward to partnering with you to ensure that our students feel supported and have the best possible experience on our campus.

In partnership,

Uchenna Baker, Ph.D. 
Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students