The Trail has 90+ year publication history. Its circulation is approximately 2,000 copies per issue with an estimated readership of 5,000 students, faculty, and community members. The Trail publishes approximately 20 issues per year, releasing long-awaited new issues almost every Friday.

As a publication, The Trail serves two primary functions: to act as a medium for student opinion and to act as an archival record for the university. Since the inception of the Trail in 1910, a copy of every Trail issue has been preserved in the Collins Memorial Library archives.

The Trail provides a full picture of campus happenings. Each issue is informative, opinionated, and entertaining. In addition to ‘Letters to the Editor’, sport teams updates, and campus security reports, the most popular features are ‘Hey You’ section and the ‘Combat Zone,’ which turn heads weekly.

The Trail is available online and in print. Visit their website at to read The Trail online.