Can you believe that it has been 6 years since your time at Puget Sound? No doubt, the memories you cherish make it feel like yesterday!

What are some of your favorite memories of your time at Puget Sound?

"Working as a leader in Perspectives and hanging out in Oppenheimer Cafe." - Nick Lyon '16

"All the late game and study nights with my teammates and friends." - Dan Nakamura '16

"RDG Shows, Reslife move in!, Cheering @ Logger Athletic events, Luau, CVP tours, Commencement, Ron Thom & Mike Segawa Events, events w/ professors, lectures, everything!" - Alexandria Van Voris '16

"Late night cellar pizzas, catching the weekend movie with friends and hunting down a poster, and learning so much about the natural world." - Alex Downing '16

"Getting to have classes at places like the zoo, Ruston, Nisqually Wildlife Preserve, the Tacoma Art Museum, and more. Such a fun, dynamic way to learn! I also love going out on a nice sunny day and seeing so many Loggers finding their own way to have fun in the sun." - Lexy Woods '16

"Various performances within the music department, spending time with friends in various organizations, being involved with perspective student days." - Alex Simon '16

"My favorite memories are spending time with the friends that I made at UPS." - Leah O'Sullivan '16

"Playing in band, spending time with friends on weekends, working in CHWS, orientation, commencement." - Ruth Isenberg '16

"The incredible friendships. Playing football and beating the Lutes on homecoming our senior year." - Sawyer Petre '16

"Getting to know and speak life into my freshman residents on TP3 as an RA, "studying" on North Quad Lawn and Todd Field in the sunny springtime afternoons, serving on Pi Phi exec, and working in the ResLife office for 3 years." - Kim Webber '16

"Being in such close proximity to so many of my best friends, exploring Tacoma's food scene and neighborhoods, growth (emotionally, mentally) gained from career development and leadership positions held in my sorority, the incredible feeling of independence afforded by being on a college campus. Sunny spring days spent laying outside on campus and talking with friends." - Rachel Bowdle '16

"Independent study with Sarah Moore." - Sarah Foad '16

Who were your favorite Puget Sound faculty and/or staff? What made them your favorite?

"John Wesley was one of my favorite professors - he was enthusiastic and very knowledgeable about the subject matter he taught, and he was always willing to listen to and consider any students' comments and answer anyone's questions." - Leah O'Sullivan '16

"Mark Martin introduced me to lab research and put me on my current path toward earning a PhD in microbiology. The entire staff of CHWS were so kind and taught me a lot during my  years with them." - Ruth Isenberg '16

"Steven Zopfi and Kathryn Lehmann -- They played a huge role in my career choice and provided me with the initial tools that I needed to succeed in my field. Gwynne Brown was also a great mentor -- she was key in my development as a writer and had an impact on the way I heard, perceived, and analyzed music." - Alex Simon '16

"Marta Cady, Dr. Gwynne Brown, Moe Stephens, Dr. Dawn Padula, Dr. Steven Zopfi, Harry Velez-Quinones, Prof. Susan Owen, Dr. Duane Hulbert, Cyndi Gulays." - Lindsey Long '16

"All of the chemistry faculty." - Alex Downing '16

"The Geology faculty! They were all very supportive and great people." - Dan Nakamura '16

"Jeff Thomas. He was a fantastic coach and person. Always happy to see you. I am the man I am today because of Coach Thomas." - Sawyer Petre '16

"Stacey Weiss, Elise Richman, Erin Colbert-White, and Andrew Gardner were some of my favorites! They are such intelligent professors who know how to make a lasting impact on their students." - Lexy Woods '16

"Allison Paradise cared so much for and invested in the lives of her students. She is a phenomenal professor and friend!!!" - Kim Webber '16

"Dr. Matthews and Dr. Krause in the business department - both were so approachable, passionate about what they taught. Dr. Warren and Dr. Kim in the exercise science department - they were a huge part of my career development and mentorship in my research project. Dr. Johnson and Dr. Hannaford in the biology department - both incredibly engaging, passionate, and so fun to be around in class." - Rachel Bowdle '16

"Peter Hodum, Carrie Woods, Bryan Thines, & Betsy Kirkpatrick. They were amazing biology faculty who really cared about my success and growth as a new scientist." - Nick Lyon '16

"Kristin Johnson! (STS)  She is so kind and interesting to talk to! Renee Houston- Like family! Loved her Comm classes. Susan Owen- amazing professor!  Would love to have more of her lectures featured even though she's semi retired! MIKE SEGAWA!  He is iconic and made my time at UPS the incredible time that it was and is! Ron Thom! Love him! He made it HOME! Lee Ann (SUB) always so kind and took care of me! Mike Rottersman- the reason I came to UPS! Love him! Artrell House- Cheer Coach! Made cheer the experience it was!" - Alexandria Van Voris '16

What additional thoughts do you have regarding the University of Puget Sound?

"Roll logs!" - Sawyer Petre '16

"Looking back, my time at Puget Sound was the best time of my life. I am thankful to have attended such an amazing university and have the opportunity to be involved in so many things. I can't wait to be back someday!" - Alex Simon '16

"Loved it!" - Alex Downing '16

"Always HOME!  I have attended EVERY UPS homecoming so far and I always look forward to coming home!  They are easily the highlight of my year!  Can't wait, so looking forward to reunion!" - Alexandria Van Voris '16